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Anne Stokes winter fantasy art

Anne Stokes winter fantasy art White owl messengers for white witch winter forest

Anne Stokes - Winter fairy

Yuletide Magic by Anne Stokes This card features a beautifully detailed ice fairy floating amongst snowflakes A sleeping dragon and candle sketch is

Druidas Árboles: Artemis (Diana), diosa de la luna y de la caza y protectora de los animales, la diosa virgen presidiendo el parto y todas las cosas femeninas.

Diana, my namesake & we both love the Moon. "Artemis (Diana)-goddess of the moon, hunting and protectress of animals; virgin goddess presiding over childbirth and all things feminine"

Winter somewhere by ElenaDudina.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I'm only pinning this for the girl's face. (I need her face as a reference for a character I'm creating) Título: Winter somewhere, de ElenaDudina (Elena Dudina)

Hadas. Arbitraria ya que representa a un ser que no existe en la realidad.

The Fairy and The Fish. Deep within the forest her fairy magic makes everything alright.

Winter Solstice Dragon

The girl offered the dragonnett some the branches she had gathered in her basket. That's what they called tiny dragons. "Solstice Gathering" By English Artist Anne Stokes.

Each card has a full-color wraparound design, a design printed inside the card…

Realm of Tranquility Card by Anne Stokes

If Aly were to wear a dress and cast - this would be her aesthetic 100%

Aes Sedai and The Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time - Moiraine Damodred - One of my favorite female characters. Moiraine Damodred by Pyji Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time

Once upon a time, a hungry cat came to her master and meowed for food. The master gave her a rose and said "smell this, isn't it wonderful?" and the cat walked away in search of food.

Once upon a time, a hungry cat came to her master and meowed for food. The… Dragon mage female

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Macaria & Thanatos :: Macaria, Goddess of Blessed Death and Goddess Princess of the Underworld and the Dead with Thanatos, God of Gentle Death.