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Easy pear jelly recipe - can do with cores and peels

Easy pear jelly recipe - can do with cores and peels

Delicious Pear Vanilla Jam...this looks yummy!

Lovely Delicious Pear Vanilla Jam

A delicious Pear Vanilla Jam recipe from Marissa of Food In Jars. One of my favorite jam recipes!

Five ideas for preserving Meyer lemons

5 ideas for preserving lemons: Lemon Marmalade - Lemon Sugar - Lemon Infused Vodka - Salt-Preserved Lemons - Lemon Finishing Salt.

Canning Peach Pie Filling

Canning Peach Pie Filling

Peach Pie filling (if I could learn to can, "organic" pie fillings in-a-jar would be super nice gifts, if you ask me:)

Pear Jam | One Hundred Dollars a Month

Canning 101: How to Make Pear Jam

Recipe for Pear Jam. Last year, I made the most delicious pear sauce out of my pear harvest (like applesauce, but with pears). It was so easy, just simmer in a pot, ad a little cinnamon - no sugar necessary. This year maybe Ill try making jam.

Canned strawberry pie filling

Canning - Strawberry Pie Filling Makes: 7 quarts Ingredients 6 quarts Fresh or thawed Strawberries 6 cups Granulated sugar cup Clear Jel 7 cups Cold water ½ cup Bottled Lemon Juice