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architorturedsouls:  Concrete Cross by Florian Mueller, via Behance

scandinaviancollectors: “ The Johannes XIII Church by Josef Rikus Cologne, Germany. Photograph by Florian Mueller.

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Royal National Theatre, South Bank Lambeth, London: described by Prince Charles in 1988 as "a clever way of building a nuclear power station in the middle of London without anyone objecting"! (architecture in the Brutalist style by Denys Lasdun)

Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London, England, (Greater London Council Architect’s Department) - concrete brutalism architecture

Modern Concrete Hurva Synagogue by Louis Kahn

"Louis Kahn’s unbuilt Hurva Synagogue, as rendered by Kent Larsen for the book Unbuilt Masterworks, a collection of digital constructions of Kahn’s proposals." Without even knowing that this is a synagogue, this immediately looks very peaceful and calm.