A meal without wine...

This Etsy shop has so many cute prints that I want to put in my kitchen...

CHANEL CHAMPAGNE QUOTE 8x10 Print, Fashion Wall Art Poster http://stores.ebay.com/claudiasbargainblessings?_trksid=p2047675.l2568


"Write drunk; edit sober." - Ernest Hemingway Words to live by. The god of brevity and manly dilapidation. Manly dilapidation? See? He would have gone with "guts." What other quotation could possibly sum up this literary giant in four words?

Psalm 3:6 Listen for God's voice in everything you do

retirement bracelet

"A meal without wine is called breakfast."

"i think people spend too much time staring into screens and not enough time drinking wine, tongue kissing, and dancing under the moon." -rachel wolchin

The most expensive part about having kids is all the #wine you have to drink. Funny wine humor.

I want to put this on my door so I see this every morning I leave for work or for a night on the town.

and i'm not even a coffee or wine person, but this is funny!

Vintage Drinks Cool Ad - http://www.wallpaperschest.com/vintage-drinks-cool-ad-77237/

SQUEEEEEEEE. Thank god. This "Keep calm" sign has been bugging the hell out of me. I'm glad someone did something about it!

Birds of a feather

Order wine, host a free wine tasting or become a consultant www.myttv.com/wine

Conquering the World One Rhinestone at a Time: The Hunt Is On: The Summer Of Cupcakes

Tea is the key to happiness <3 -- Add some healthy to your day with Old London. oldlondonfoods.com #tea #quote #happiness

My sister and I recently saw some wine called "Wine o' clock" - so funny!!!!

all you need ♥︎

do it anyway for yolo's sake.