Jello strawberry parfait, beautiful presentation!

4th of July treat

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Champagne Punch


Easy Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

50 MUST MAKE strawberry recipes - Roxana's Home Baking

Strawberry Marshmallow Creme Fruit Dip

Fresh Strawberry Butter: 6 large juicy strawberries (the riper the better), stems removed, sliced, 1/2 C of unsalted butter, softened & 1/3 C powdered sugar In a mini-food processor, blend together butter, powdered sugar, and fresh strawberries. Remove strawberry butter from food processor into a separate small bowl. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and keep cold in fridge until ready to use!

Strawberry Jello Shots

dip strawberries in yogurt and freeze, so easy and healthy!

Strawberry Trifle Recipe from Taste of Home

Strawberry Shortcake Skewers= Delish

Champagne and Strawberry jello. Who says jello is just for kids?

good for showers- Strawberries Filled with ready-made cheesecake filling, delicious and easy when you need to bring something to a party

Strawberry Lemonade! Make it from scratch. It is so easy and so delicious! Perfect summertime beverage!

cheesecake-stuffed chocolate covered strawberries.


delish summer treat!

Strawberries and cream

Individual Strawberry Shortcake you could make these w/ pieces of angel food cake too.