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Why yes, I do set the smoke alarm off at least 5 times every time I cook dinner.


True forgiveness brings healing to the mind and can affect the body beneficially to both the giver and receiver. Forgiveness asks for restitution not retribution.


I know the Struggle & I normally let it go, but ponytails I try to fix more often than the others bc It's easiest!

It’s a girl thing (27 photos)

It’s a girl thing (27 photos)

Sign on Etsy. Quote, "Happiness is a room full of books & a closet full of shoes.", (For Lindsay Bliss!

Definetly true

There’s always a little truth behind every “Just Kidding”, a little knowledge behind every “I Don’t Know”, a little emotion behind every “I Don’t Care”, and a little pain behind every “It’s OK”