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When a user logs in and you can show him/her statistic. You can use this on any of side.tpl in your fiverrscript sites. Screenshot: Buy this FiverrScript Module for just $5


FiverrScript Mods | FiverrScript Modules | FiverrScript Mod | Best Modules for FiverrScript Sites

FiverrScript Mods | FiverrScript Modules | FiverrScript Mod | Best Modules for FiverrScript Sites

I will Deliver Gender Based Avatar For FiverrScript Sites for $10 This fiverrscript module helps you assign a default avatar for a male and a female automatically when they sign up. if a user is not uploading thier profile picture then this helps in differentiating the user with their gender rather showing a single avatar for all users. it is unprofessional to assign an unknown avatar. you can grab this fiverrscript mod instantly by buying it out exclusively on

SMTP E-Mail Settings Modification for Fiverr Clone Sites - FiverrScript Mods | FiverrScript Modules | FiverrScript Mod

One of the best way to get rid of from lot of bots is math captcha. Grab this math captcha for fiverrscript sites.Easy Installation.Works with all versions.Option of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, etc.,Option to refresh the captcha without page refresh.

Get a Surprise Me module for your fiverrscript based sites. This module basically shows a detailed gig page for your visitors when they click on the surprise me link. This feature is basically can be shown as follow: Randomly Most No. of times Viewed Gig Most Rated Gigs Note: When you order this module, you will have to tell me, which one is required from the above, i.e., Random, Most Viewed, Most Rated, etc., Then I will make the changes and send the mod to you.

An Alert system for your Buyers and Sellers with jquery functionality. Help your FiverrScript based Site Sellers and Buyers to get notified about important events. Let them know if they have any new message to be read or new order to process or delivered order to be reviewed. This module is sleek and beautiful to show the alerts. Functions: Compatible with all versions. Free updates.

Recommend Buyers to use your Editor’s Picked Jobs. And Show the Jobs which you list out from Admin Panel. You can list as many as you can. All you have to do is just enter Job Ids from your Admin Panel and those jobs will be listed on your home page. Sellers will create attractive Jobs to get selected by Editor. So this will be a good mod on your fiverrscript site.

At Fiverrscript based sites, when a seller submits his/her gig, he is no way informed whether his/her gig has been approved or not. So this module will help you send an email whenever you Approve a Gig or Reject a gig. Mail message can be altered as per your requirement. Screenshot: Buy this Fiverrsciprt Module. PRICE: Click for Pricing here