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This Nissan car service poster uses an image of a phone in their advertisement and it incorporates both the function of the broken down car as well as the image of the actual phone. This suggests that you can rely on a call when something goes wrong with your car. Thus the phone is half flipped up with the bar on the flip so it doesnt flip down just like the car engine flip.

Matchbook: A Field Guide to a Charmed Life is a monthly digital lifestyle publication launched in January This is a tumblr diary of our thoughts, dreams and things that inspire. To browse our archives, click the "next page" link...

Although this is an image of two cigarettes i believe this poster is suggesting that smoking is just as harmful as nuclear powerplants, that it can kill you and others (from passive smoking). The way the cigarettes have been placed (vertically) with the smoke blowing away mimics the nuclear powerplants and their fumes that come out.

Richard Tuttle is one of the most singular and influential artists working today, whose extraordinary work eludes classification and dissolves the boundaries of sculpture, painting, drawing, installation and printmaking. Since his first exhibition in New York in 1965, Richard Tuttle has employed the strongest of soft touches on a groundbreaking explo- ration into the poetry of form, color, line and the material. He has consistently expanded our understanding of the art object’s relationship…

This perfume poster uses a model covered in water which is in the shape of a dress. To me, this shows that the perfume is very sheer and not too overpowering. Thus you are able to spray this perfume without feeling like you have a layer of perfume on and makes you feel almost fresh and clean.

Smart phones have been found to be psychologically addictive. Average smartphone users spend 3.6 hours a day on their device and 35% of respondents even admitted using them in situations where they were banned. How addicted are your service providers? (Source University of Derby).

This book is called the third man but in this book cover there are only 2 guys and to me this suggests that the third man is actually missing. Instead of showing 3 men on the cover it allows us to be curious as to why there are only 3 guys. It suggests that the guy is missing