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Diamond Dotz - Creativation 2017 - http://www.craftsbytwo.com/diamond-dotz-creativation-2017/ Diamond Dotz bring the ease of paint by number or needle work to a glittery new world! Make some shimmering art easily and at your own pace. Join us for an introduction to Diamond Dotz.

Uchi's Design Animation Stamps - Creativation 2017 - http://www.craftsbytwo.com/uchis-design-animation-stamps-creativation-2017/ Uchi’s Design launches Animation Stamps that bring a fun touch of life to your cards and designs! Join us for an introduction to these lively stamps!

How Two Tips: Coloring Book SVG - Touching up images with GIMP In these How Two tips we demonstrate touching up your images using three quick tips in GIMP; taking an image an image that was a tracing mess in Inkscape to a success! If you have had some images that were a challenge while following our Coloring Book SVG series, these tips may help.

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