Colorful lip art for fashion girls #lip #art

depechegurl #cosmetics #makeup #lip

true blood nails! ... so trying this soon! Blood spatter nails- white base then dip a straw in red and blow onto your nails for splatter effect. Preferably a coffee stirrer straw.

Broken Glass Lip Art by Karla Powell Incredible UK Makeup artist

❣ ĸιѕѕ му ℓιρѕ

Beautiful lip art for fashion girls #lip #art

Harley Quinn Lips...I dont really think that would look as good on my lips lol theyre not as...Voluptuous xD

Black & Orange Lip Art! Colour Run Creative Lips Black lips Orange lips By Karla Powell

Abbey Dawn WTH heel Inspired Lip Art


Very dark makeup love the deep red lip colour

20+ Incredible Lip Art Examples Weird, but kinda cool at the same time!


Comic Lips

Beautiful lip art for fashion girls #lip #art



Blue and Gold Lips

VERY cool pink and gold lips Photographer: Yulia Gorbachenko MUA: Frances Hathaway

Red and Purple Ombre Lips.

Lip Art ~ patchwork