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Kick, push. Penny board pink yellow blue green converse awesome skateboard longboard skate fun summer

{ penny boards } buy me thiss I just also love how they can fit in a backpack

Penny board! OMFG this couldn't get anymore perfect! :)))

Ok so ppl are making a whole bunch of fake penny boards so if you wanna know if its real it should have this and on the front to in the middle it should say penny Australia in a circle

Penny boards. These are small skateboards, perfect for getting around campus! Also will fit in your backpack!

Floral Penny Board, YES PLEASE! I really want a penny board I am just waiting for the weekend!

Pinterest → Wanita Telusnord

So I skateboarded today, and thought I was all cool and everything, until I fell off it and sprang my ankle.. Summers going great so far! :D

Penny board and converses