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Jellyfish in a bottle

มาจับแมงกะพรุนใส่ขวด ไว้ดูเล่นกันม๊ะ ^.^

Jellyfish project!<3

Funny pictures about Homemade plastic jellyfish. Oh, and cool pics about Homemade plastic jellyfish. Also, Homemade plastic jellyfish.

75 Things to do with your kids (many are FREE)..Traditions they will remember. Love these! Fun for summer!!

SUMMER KID BUCKET LIST 75 Things to do with your kids (many are FREE). These are really cool and the kids will love them, free and easy, can't wait to try home made lava lamps!

how to make a jellyfish in a bottle

Make your own jellyfish in a bottle.

Things you need to make your own jellyfish (Hope you can find all these in your kitchen) : A transparent plastic grocery bag A plastic water bottles.

Keep Calm and Crayon: Recycling the Old and Dry into Liquid Gold

These are dried out water-based markers. Turn them into liquid watercolor paint. Fill a clean baby food jar with water, tie about six dry markers with a rubber band, and set them in the top of the jar. I let them sit over night and watercolor is made!

Creativity 521 #36 - DIY snow globe aquarium

Creativity 521 #36 - DIY Snow Globe Aquarium

Create Marshmallow Shooters with your team! See who has the best aim by challenging teammates to fire marshmallows at targets or through hoops. Repinned by CAPA www.capacares.org

Studio 5 - Marshmallow Shooters

DIY Marshmallow Shooters are a completely exciting way to have fun on your next game day or party! All you need to make these are styrofoam cups, balloons, and marshmallows--get ready to launch!

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21 Easy DIY Paint Recipes Your Kids Will Go Crazy For

Homemade Crafts for Kids - Fun DIY Paint Recipes Your Kids Will Love - Fun and Creative Paints You Can Make For Children - Easy Crafts for Boys and Girls

"Ice Tunnels" combine ordinary salt, ice and liquid watercolors in an unforgettable art and science experiment that costs only pennies. Try this on sunny day with lots of bright sunlight and you'll experience amazing color, light refraction and salt crystallization with a hands-on experience for children of all ages. @Christie DeSilva - saw this and thought of you and your kiddos!

Art and Creativity: Ice Tunnels: Bring on the Summer Fun! "Ice Tunnels" combine ordinary salt, ice and Colorations® Liquid Watercolor in an unforgettable art

Use um saco de plástico para fazer uma água-viva em um frasco. | 35 Science Experiments That Are Basically Magic

Use a plastic bag to make a jellyfish in a jar.

DIY Glow Water: Can Use to Make Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cubes, Water Balloons, Waterbeads and So Much More!

How to make Glow Water- then make glow in the dark ice cubes, water balloons, etc. That would be so cool to have a glow in the dark water balloon fight!

Knip het lijf 2x uit. Leg ze op elkaar.  De wol wikkel je om het lijfje. Ga gewoon langs de pootjes en het hoofdje. Net als bij het maken van een gewoon pomponnetje, knip je de wol los en maak je met een draad een stevige knoop. Je hoeft alleen het kartonnetje niet weg te halen. Die laat je lekker zitten ! En kijk... je haasje of kuikentje heeft een lekker pluizig buikje.

Cute DIY craft garlands for easter tutorials. How to make pompom animal decoration for kids

Oil and Water Project for kids.  We did this yesterday and the kids loved it.  Click through for all the details.

Oil and Water Project.I did this the other night with my niece and we called it "ocean in a bottle." Vegetable oil and water and food coloring. Cutest thing ever. She added little jewels and fish and was so proud of her ocean bottle!

Giant sensory bag water bed.  This is the best outside toy ever!  Under $10 for a whole day of outside fun.

Giant Waterbed: "The best day ever!" say the kids. This "water bed" made from tarps & duct tape & lasted all day! £Utah County Mom: Giant "water bed" as outside sensory bag

otra opción para capturar sueños!!!

Calm-down & time-out bottles: Fill a bottle full of water. Add one bottle of glitter glue & ultra fine glitter. Send this bottle with your child to timeout - to watch it settle and calm him/her. Once the glitter has settled, time-out is up!