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Learn how to play the major scales on piano. All major scales illustrated with pictures including notes and fingerings.


Healthy Schools is a joint initiative supported by Education and Health that encourages schools to use a comprehensive school health approach to improve student health and learning outcomes.


Manic Panic is a range of cream hair colourants in a variety of unnatural shades, as well as some UV reactive colours. Each tub contains of hair colourant.

I am not Catholic, but I do share the Christian religion with my Catholic brothers and sisters. This applies to everyone.

“The Cannabis Encyclopedia” book excerpts from each chapter can be previewed here. Click the images below to preview.

Read Full Grow Journal Here Thought I would post some shots of my first indoor grow in a while. The setup x growroom 2 MH Light of Jah Seeds Subcool’s Supe…




Paul Gorski calls on fellow educators examine the classist assumptions infiltrating classrooms and schools.

Did You? ||| CHRISTian ~ poetry by deborah ann

Did You ~

In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, -Isaiah


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Pluenderung der Judengasse 1614 - Looting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Fettmilch Riot: The plundering of the Judengasse (Jewry) in Frankfurt on August 1614

Health Benefits Of Zinc Supplements: Effects On Immune System, Inflammation, Neurological Development

The evidence is stacking up: Dietary supplements aren’t worth your money. The message from many doctors and scientists alike is simple: If you don’t need t