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Stahp Holly! (stop)

Stahp Holly!

Hilarious short GIF, a TV reporter live from a storm hit by stop sign. Really crazy what people are willing to do for their jobs.

Sun play in the White Sand Monumets

Sun play in the White Sand Monumets


What I see when you text -hah I've never thought of them like this before, except the face crack one

Love conquers ... OH

video game princess tells lover over lego valley Looks like our love can never be, he fills gap makes bridge, with a game piece, Love conquers .

This is me on my first date.

This is me on my first date.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 105 Pics well maybe one day it will be xD

This is my new goal while traveling!

My new goal while traveling.- Getting a funny pic with a statue- {Bucket List}

Tickld - Spread Laughter and Cure Boredom

Guy Re-enacts classic movie scenes with his boss’s dog – Toonts>>>I am laughing do hard

Scott Disick forever slaying the funny game!

This guy

Scott Disick deserves a show of his own. Get this man a show already.<---- Scott Disick is my favorite Kardashian

Bohemian Rhapsody memes... This is FANTASTIC!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Oh my god best way to put this song.

#Hilarious Pictures Of Banana

This guy just has way too much time on his hands.thank you sharing creative talent. Love your refreshing touch of humor.