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Masks are a very interesting topic. They can be used to mask our real physical faces for fun but can also been used to reveal our inner selves. In rituals, shamans or role players use masks to act …

Mascara Punu .105€

Punu (Lumbo) Okuyi Mukudj Mask, Gabon

Masque Punu, Gabon.

PUNU MASK Gabon. H 31 cm. Provenance:. François Coppier, Annecy. Émile-François Chambon, Geneva Discount Mr. Grom, St Aubin .. (1953)

Face mask “kindombolo” from the Pende people of DR Congo a r c a n o 18+ : Photo

Mukudj | 19th–20th century | Punu peoples; Gabon | Wood, pigment, kaolin

Mudimba Girl With A Beaded Wig Called Ena, Village Of Combelo, Angola by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Africa | Mask "okuyi" from the Punu people of Gabon | Woo, kaolin, red and black paint | Variation of the "white masks of the Ogowe". Originally used at funerary ceremonies, embodying male and female ancestors. The mask dancers wore costumes of raffia or cotton weave, while walking on high stilts and threatening the audience with wild screams.