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Samantha jones might be my spirit animal. The oracle speaks great wisdom The 21 Best Things Samantha Jones Ever Said On "Sex And The City"

15 открыток, в которых есть немного от каждого из нас

15 открыток, в которых есть немного от каждого из нас


I'm crazy. I'll own that, but I am worth it. There's a method to my insanity.

Broken crayons still color the same

You are not useless! Nobody's past is damage free. God has a purpose greater than your pain.

Russian Humor, Homework, Fun

Russian Humor, Fun

Stress coaching and you will have no stress http://andyngtrainer.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-to-be-better-manager-and-leader.html

Higher Perspective added a new photo — with Virginia Nacis Nabor-Cayanes and 30 others.