Don't shop. Adopt. There is just no excuse for shopping or breeding. Shelter animals need your help!

The Story of Patrick...absolutely heartbreaking! @Anna Totten Totten Foster

The rescue of a street dog…love her smile!

So true

Wow!! What a difference having a family can make! Please adopt, don't shop!

Hard to look at but for the few seconds it takes for you to look and share is nothing compared to how long this Mother was forced to have litter after litter, please don't buy from a pet store or online, puppy mill even lie and say they are a rescues and have fosters for adoption. Please adopt please research the rescue or shelter, not all are the same. Please help stop the greed!

I don't know who this is, but this picture deserves to be seen.

Crying! Please repin if you are against it!

Adopt don't shop. Love my fur babies

I am rescued Pitbull art sign by CartoonYourMemories on Etsy, $15.00

Make sure you know the signs of heatstroke. Repin to educate your friends and protect pets.

This photographer took fashion shots of the dogs that had been at the shelter the longest and were labeled "least likely to be adopted." After the photos all the dogs were adopted. : OBlog: Design Observer

Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful happy ending. i literally just cried so hard.. aww baby <3

I'm crying. Animals love too! Pinned @✨SameeraHeart✨


Poor Biggie. Abused by his owner over and over. I think that animal abusers should suffer the same consequences as if it were a human victim.

come here give me a hug

I cried :(! But its SO sweet!

They also love to cuddle. | 37 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Pit Bulls