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I love this guy!! Dyeing Poison Dart Frog (powder blue morph)

One of my favorite things about living out here are the frogs in the summer. They like the warmth of our hot tub & hang out under the cover :)

Frog face here to find out more

'Rain' Forest Tree Frog Underside by citizenlouie #Tree_Frog

Glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium ruedai) #frog #amphibian here to find out more P.S. PLEASE FOLLOW ME IN HERE Yulia Bekar Bekar Bekar watson

Frogs are so fascinating. Really, how can they not be miraculous. They symbolize the metamorphosis to a new life. International Drug Rehab in Panama

"She liked hiding under the ferns and singing in the rain." From www.12steps12stor... humility step7

Photo : Une grenouille orange et jaune accroché à une feuille

The Washington state Amphibian is the Pacific chorus frog, and just happens to be climbing among the Washington State Flower, in the blooms of the rhododendron~