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Sometimes On The Way To A Dream... (Blue) Art Print by Vaieel - $15.00

Tiffany Blue Art, The Best Is Yet To Come, Framed, Hope, Encouragement, Dream, Believe, Baby Blue, Aqua, White, Positive Thinking. via Etsy.


I Love This Beautiful Rare Free Printable of these John Lennon Lyrics !! It is high quality, Graphically designed Instant Art ! designed by the very talented Debbie from @Debbiedoo's

There is Nothing Like a Dream

I'm just trying to save the world one sequin at a time. -Lady Gaga

so true

I never dreamed about success. I worked for it. ~ Estée Lauder

I'm Alright But Not Quite: but it's okay because I'm working it out.

don't ever let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

I really need to keep my office clean. :/

Margaret Thatcher Quote

dream big

something I always need to remember

keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions...

– edwin land

mama said. mama said.

Live what you love

so long as you're happy. :)

hang in there.