• Becky Dugger

    This fawn and bobcat were found in an office together, cuddling under a desk after a forest fire. so sweet and innocent. in the animal kingdom, killing is on a need to eat basis.

  • Susan E. Romanowski

    Fawn and bobcat cuddling together after a forest fire According to Redditor notdez, “The Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara , CA last week caused these two to take shelter together. The fawn is 3 days old and the bobcat about 3 weeks. The fawn came from somewhere in the fire and the bobcat from Carpentaria. They immediately bonded and snuggled together under a desk in the Santa Barbara County Dispatch Office for several hours. Animal Planet is reporting the bobcat kitten was rescued near...

  • Kimberly Canfield

    This fawn and bobcat were found in an office together, cuddling under a desk after a forest fire January 28,2013. It's almost like the Lamb and the Lion will lie down together. God's Miraculous ways. But, the most unlikely friends usually make the best. They have found safe harbor in each other through Christ. I love His animals, all of them. They have much wisdom undisclosed to humans, yet we have domain over them. He saved them on Noah's Ark for a reason.

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A black swan feeds its fish friends every day to the amazement of passers by.The swan picks up the feed and takes it to the mouths of the waiting fish.They became close friends after 3 years of playing together, Every time he comes to feed the swan, all the fish follow him to the bank, with mouths open. And he takes the food and puts some into each of the hungry mouths.When everyone has eaten enough, the swan goes back onto the water and plays with his fish friends again. Photo credit Lu Feng

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