Rodchenko poster via @mmordecai



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Aleksandr Rodchenko, “Lengiz. Books on all the branches of knowledge,” advertising poster for the Leningrad Department of Gosizdat (State Publishing House), 1924 ©The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Poster of Russian Constructivism by Daniel Lorenzo, via Behance



A motion picture poster from the Soviet Union for the film "Little Lord Fauntleroy", which was called "Two Pretenders" in Russian. Starring Mary Pickford. 1926.

Movie Poster of the Week: The Posters of the Stenberg Brothers on Notebook | MUBI

Alexander Rodchenko's poster for Battleship Potemkin

На Оборону

Vintage Soviet Art

Communist theme


Flyer Goodness: Russian Constructivism by Alexander Rodchenko


I prefer to look down from the plane, but if time and money permitted... French Line, 1937 | Vintage Poster #vintage #vacation #cruise #ship #france

A propaganda poster that uses only three colours. Once again there is a message printed clearly. The background is very plain and has a black boarder.