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We are hiring Correctional officers at the Central Utah Correctional Facility in Gunnison and the Utah State Prison in Draper! See Job Numbers 1964 and 1920 at #jobs #Utah #prisons

We're hiring Correctional Officers for the Utah State Prison and the Central Utah Correctional Facility! If you are a high-quality, community-minded person who wants to make a difference in the state, come join us! See and search Department No. 410 for details!

We're hiring a physician assistant at the Utah State Prison. It is a full-time job, with a salary range of $31.64 to $38.27 an hour. Look for job #01079 at this link: statejobs.utah.go...

Correctional Officer's Prayer - C.O. Prayer - Guard's Prayer - Correctional Officer Tribute - C.O. Retirement - Guard Retirement

My dads always been in law enforcement and has been a corrections officer for 26 years. He has really taught me to be appreciative of police officers.. and its so very true!

A cop holding a baby that was found in an abandoned house. This is the side of the police that I wish would be put out there more often!

The Hemet, perhaps the most evocative and distinctive symbol of policing in England and Wales. The custodian style police helmet has been worn by police officers since the 1860s when it began to replace the top hat in most forces. To find out more about Greater Manchester Police please visit our website.