American Clay plaster.  The color is probably Chocolate or Santa Fe Tan.

The color is probably Chocolate or Santa Fe Tan. Going to do this in my living room

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American Clay Walls are amazing, clean, organic and beautiful. I love the use of the glass railing.brings in light shows off the walls and opens up an otherwise small and potentially dark space.

American Clay Plaster is just cool. Yet Warm. You can apply it yourself or have it done for you. If you are not gifted with the plastering ability then it is best left to the professionals.

American clay wall treatment - actually except for the east downstairs wall - there is not much need to this

Love clay plaster walls

Soft edges are most definitely sexier than sharp corners in the home. The thick walls may be straw bale or cob or Earthbag

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Green BEES founders built this strawbale house with many "deep green" features, such as super-insulated building envelope, passive solar design, composting toilets, graywater system, completely non-toxic finishes (lime plaster clay plaster, natural paints), living roofs, and more. Design by Sigi Koko.

Green BEES founders built this strawbale house with many "deep green" features…

Love the wall treatment...Valspar Venetian Plaster

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Venetian Plaster is a faux finish technique that gives walls a vintage plaster appearance that really shimmers with light. Learn how to do this simple technique.

American Clay plaster. This natural clay and recycled marble dust plaster creates a look that falls somewhere between southwestern adobe and Venetian plaster — rich, earthy and highly pigmented. American Clay is nontoxic and durable, and can be applied over just about any type of substrate. Costs tend to be a bit lower than Venetian plaster — about $2 to $10 per square foot.

dark bluish purple American clay wall plaster color with light hardwood floors.

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American Clay Plaster is a breathable wall surface that provides a timeless, healthy finish as an alternative to paint.