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Update: Lauren's currently in NYC with us. She'll be appearing on the Hot 97 Morning Show with Paul Rosenberg on January and afterwards will be at various red carpet events. Make sure to keep checking back for more updates.

Woman Loses 180 Pounds In 30 Days After Miracle Microwave Diet Chicago| An Illinois woman has defied all laws of human physics as what Guinness World Record’s has proclaimed to be the fastest weight loss diet ever recorded in human history. Surprisingly enough, the woman claims she can even eat fast food in her diet, “as long as it has gone through the microwave”, landing her a prestigious publicity deal with international fast food chain restaurant Wendy’s.

#‎Solismag‬ Read our latest ‪#‎Fashion‬ Editorial from ‪#‎Photographer‬ Jordie Hennigar | ‪#‎Model‬: Mckenzie Johnson, Kim Poholka (Numa Models) , Lauren Greaves, Nicole Wynn, Danielle Muntain, Marissa Hanley | ‪#‎Makeup‬ ‪#‎Artist‬ Karissa Brynn | | ‪#‎Wardrobe‬ Stylist: Danielle Muntain "In the streets of Cannes"…/fashion-editorial-streets-cannes/