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Andy Warhol Thank you

Those flowers I love! - Andy Warhol in a field of black-eyed Susans holding a bouquet of flowers with an early “Flowers” canvas serving as a backdrop in Queens, New York in

Yayoi Kusama aged 10

Yayoi Kusama, 1939 / Image courtesy: Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo / © Yayoi Kusama, Yayoi Kusama Studio Inc. Amazing vintage antique photo - Japanese girl with giant chrysanthemums

Andy Warhol and Taylor Mead in Queens, New York. (1964)

Andy Warhol in a field of black-eyed Susans with Taylor Mead holding an early “Flowers” canvas as a backdrop in Queens, New York, 1964 by William John Kennedy

Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Andy Warhol Paintings and art for sale such as Marilyn Monroe, portrait, and Campbell Soup of his pop art; offer bio and reproduction paintings by Andy Warhol.

Madonna & Basquiat

Madonna and Jean-Michel Basquiat had an affair briefly. I'm not sure which of them I envy more. Basquiat was a brilliant artist, but Madonna and I were both Catholic school girls, and everyone knows they're the craziest in bed.

Andy Warhol

my fave thing in the whole world. if there& no ice cream in Heaven, i don& wanna go!