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A Batalha de Montgisard garantiu a segurança de Jerusalém.

The Battle of Montgisard is an important episode in Knight of Jerusalem, the first book in a three part biography of Balian d'Ibelin.

[Montgisard]. ‘It is true the King of Jerusalem had only 375 knights to his back; but Saladin must have known by this time that 375 knights were not to be despised, especially when led by such warriors as Balian, Reginald of Sidon, Odo the Master of the Temple, and Joscelin the Seneschal’ (p. 141).

Esse romance inicia com a narração da vitória em Montgisard (1177) e termina com a queda de Jerusalém na Batalha de Hattin (1187).

“The battle of Montgisard had been a great victory and it saved the Kingdom of Jerusalem for the moment, but it did not alter the fundamental situation” (p. 166).

BATTLE OF MONTGISARD, 25 NOVEMBER 1177 Saladin, ruler of Egypt, invaded the kingdom of Jerusalem. He attacked Ascalon and aimed for Jerusalem... The brothers Baldwin and Balian of Ibelin were among the Christian leaders. King Baldwin caught the Muslims by surprise crossing a ravine near the castle of Montgisard, near Ramleh. The Muslims were scattered, some foraging… Many Muslims were killed and Saladin retreated, the worst defeat of his career though the setback was only temporary.

Battle of Montgisard in 1177 by Charles Philippe Lariviere

King Baldwin IV commanded his armies in person at Montgisard, on the Litani, at Le Forbelet, and even at the relief of Kerak.

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Knights Templar win heresy reprieve after 700 years

A detail is shown on a replica document in which Pope Clement V absolved the Knights Templar of charges of heresy, in Rome October 9, 2007. A reproduction of the Latin-language minutes of trials against the Knights Templar in 1308, lost until its rediscovery in 2001, is being published by the Vatican Secret Archives at the end October. The documents, a book and parchments, costs 5,900 euros and its 799 numbered copies are destined for top libraries and medieval scholars. Picture taken…

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Saladin (Kingdom of Heaven)

Saladin (Kingdom of Heaven)- LOVED this actor so much!! And I have tremendous respect for Saladin.