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"Sugar Shack" print by Ernie Barnes (Remember this on Marvin Gaye's Album cover?

Ernie Barnes

Place a bid on Ernie Barnes Gospel Truth to help support the Alliance of Women Filmmakers fundraising auction.

The Last Supper by Aaron and Alan Hicks

The Last Supper

Learn more about our best selling Last Supper art prints. This one is entitled "The Last Supper" by Aaron and Alan Hicks.

God Verses Man: The Sacrifice Of Christ

God Verses Man: The Sacrifice Of Christ

The Crisis, May 1983  Cover art: Ernie Barnes  Art director: O'Neal Abel

The Crisis, May 1983 Cover art: Ernie Barnes Art director: O'Neal Abel ~Via Erick Garcia EG

Never forget.

Respect your elders. People got to realize that they lived in a different time where somethings that today are not ok with them so we still have to respect them

Memorable Iconic Faces from the Civil Rights Movement.....

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This little girl is so adorable I printed her out and have her on my desk at work. Eventually I will buy a print for my living room. The artist is Alvin Hester.

Black Children Art - Chow Time - Alvin Hester My granddaughter looke JUST like this when we took her to a photo session, LOL. that was 22 years ago.

Solid Rock Congregation

Solid Rock Congregation

Now this is one of the most beautiful statues on the planet! !! ♡ ♡ ♡

I bet you've never seen this statue before neither had I until today. It's "The African Renaissance Monument" in Senegal. Bronze, 60 foot tall statue overlooking the Atlantic Ocean designed by a Senegalese architect Pierre Goudiaby in April One word

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