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Armstrong Clan Tartan the Crest "An arm from the shoulder, armed Proper".The Armstrong clan motto is"Invictus Maneo", meaning "I Remain Unconquered". MacRory Mor

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Armstrong Clan Crest Tar Women's Tank Top

Carmichael Clan Tartan the Crest "A dexter hand and arm in pale armed and holding a broken spear proper". Carmichael Clan Motto is "Tout jour prest", translated as "Always ready". MacRory Mor

Graham Clan Montrose Tartan the Crest "A falcon Proper, beaked and armed Or, killing a stork Argent, Armed Gules." The Graham Clan motto is chosen by the Clan Chief. Ne Oublie, Do Not Forget. MacRory Mor

Cunningham Clan Tartan the Crest "A unicorn's head couped Argent armed Or". The Cunningham Clan Motto is chosen by the Clan Chief. "Over fork over." MacRory Mor

Shaw Clan Tartan the Crest "A dexter cubit arm couped and holding a dagger erect and all Proper". Shaw Clan Motto is "Fide et Fortitudine", translated as "By Fidelity and Fortitude". MacRory Mor

Clan Armstrong Tartan Baseball Cap

Napier Clan Tartan the Crest "A dexter arm erect couped below the elbow Proper, grasping a crescent Argent". Napier Clan Motto is "SANS TACHE", translated as "Without stain". MacRory Mor