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    Michael Maloney. He emigrated from Ireland to Minnesota, where he was drafted into the Union Army in 1864. His regiment served mainly in Georgia. He survived the war and died at age 54 in 1884.

    Albert Cashier was born Jennie Irene Hodgers in 1843. In 1862, Hodgers disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the 95th Illinois Infantry Regiment under the name Albert Cashier. The regiment was under Ulysses S. Grant and fought in over 40 battles. Cashier managed to remain undetected as the other soldiers thought she was just small & preferred to be alone. Cashier was captured in battle but managed to escape back to Union lines after overpowering a guard. She fought through the war.

    Benjamin Piatt Runkle, age 21, c. 1857.  Union general and as the founder of the Sigma Chi fraternity, the original frat boy.

    The Red Army had over 2,000 woman snipers during ww2

    Note from a confederate soldier to a Yankee, found in a home in Gettysburg after armies left.

    Stonewall Jackson

    boy and widow rolling papers for cigarettes in NY tenement--1909

    Luther Sage "Yellowstone" Kelly (1849 – 1928) American soldier, hunter, scout, adventurer and administrator.

    Exhausted US Marines sprawl all over beaches while they wait for their LC to arrive and take them off Guadalcanal. The Marines had been left on the island for four months fighting the Japanese, all with waning supplies and growing wounded before the Army arrived to relieve them.

    A Red Army soldier with his kitten, Eastern Front

    Robert E. Lee. He abhorred slavery, but fought for the confederate Army because he "couldn't fight against his beloved Virginia"

    Confederate Veteran ... a number of blacks served in the Confederate Army as soldiers. Historians and students of history agree that blacks served by the thousands in the Confederate Army, but they will dispute, however, that these blacks served as soldiers, and will dismiss their service as that of servants attached to the Army. Not so however.

    A German girl is overcome as she is forced to walk through and around the exhumed bodies of some 800 slave workers that the SS guards near Namering, Germany murdered. The US Army who liberated the camp laid them out so that the townspeople, who feverishly denied knowledge of the camp, could view the work of their Nazi leaders.

    Black soldier in the German Army

    William McKinley, Union Army (via Ohio) during the Civil War. McKinley was one of 5 Civil War vets to become president, and chronologically the last.

    Robert E. Lee

    Sylvester Magee - reported to be the last Union veteran died on 21 October 1971 in Marion County, Mississippi at the age of 130 (born 29 May 1841). He was present at the fall of Vicksburg and pressed into service in the Union Army.

    Wyatt Earp in 1923, age 75

    Army doctors perform an amputation in a makeshift hospital during the Civil War. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

    Prison Garb 1924. Belva Annan murderess whose trial records became the musical "Chicago."