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Calum's best pick up line: "I know Michael Clifford" YAAAAAS

::Calum Hood:: "Hey! I'm Calum Hood! I'm 20. Im a prince. I hate it! I'm apart of 5sos with my 3 idiots. I have a younger sister named Brinley. And one named Jackson. And a brother named Cody. Intro?"

Is it just me or the room just heated up a100 degrees?!!

O.o<<< I can't freaking breath I'm dead! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US CALUM THOMAS HOOD?!?!!?

(FC: Calum Hood) "Hey there! My names Calum and I'm 20. I'm pretty laid back, but I can also be really weird and spontaneous when I know someone well enough. I enjoy playing the bass guitar, writing, playing video games, and playing soccer. Anyways, what's your name?"

No totally DID NOT CRY when that picture showed up on my tumblr dash.... hehe *wipes away stray tear*


I literally just did this like a week ago when my friend asked who he was no joke it took me like 30 mins to fully describe him. OMG this is so me

This isn't funny because this exact problem has been happening to me all day