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The marketing is put on the surface utilizing hand held power equipment resulting in materials agreeable with ASME-BPE surface finish expectations. UltraClean professionals will never use polishing substances within our sanitary finishing procedures to attain the necessary floor finish.


Making a 28 inch wide Sander/Planer

In this instructable we will cover the steps and materials necessary to build the 28" Sander-Planer. Background: While driving across the USA on a vacation we happened across a small warehouse in California that sells rough cut redwood burl slabs. I really liked the piece in the second photo but it had a problem - it had been rough cut using a chain saw and the two faces were not parallel. At 26" wide and close to 36" long it was too big for my 12 1/2" planer, and a hand p...

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Necessary roughness

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Details about Shabby Chic Wooden Antique White Painted Television Unit / Cabinet with Shelves

We will then need to access this and arrange for collection/replacement if necessary. Natural polished wooden surface, perfectly offset with a traditional paint finish. | eBay!

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11 Things You're Doing Wrong On Your Resume & How To Fix The Problem

Looking for a job is a rough ride, but there's something extra maddening about trying to sell yourself on just one lousy piece of paper. But it's necessary, and if you've been striking out over and over that might be because you have a couple of comm

When it comes to dogs, Harry Truman was best known for saying, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” He also said: “Children and dogs are as necessary to the welfare of the country as Wall Street and the railroads.” Purebred dogs in the Truman administration included, “Mike,” an Irish Setter pup given to Truman’s daughter, Margaret, by his Postmaster General, Robert Hannegan, and “’Feller,’ a poor five week old Cocker Spaniel gifted to the Trumans unsolicited. After a rough trip…


Homemade Portable Bandsaw Stand - Cut off & Vertical

In this video I built an aluminium stand to attach a portable bandsaw too, which can be used in conjunction with a vice as a cut off saw or raised into an upright vertical position to be used as a typical bandsaw, and when necessary removed to be use freehand.  I got my hands on this bit of kit for £50 and it's as rough as they come.  It sounds quite coarse but will save me having to cut large stock by hand.  The aluminium all together cost be about £25 whilst I had...