omg um.. well....

Hot Guys Holding Puppies! Life doesn't get any better... or CUTER!

farm fresh

I'm dying

love at first sight... talking about the dog! although, the guy is pretty cute too ;)

Josh Duhamel - Got a chance to see the WHOLE image - NOT disappointing ladies!!

Uh...uh...uhshandbdvsken O_O Hi. ;)

Dave Franco.

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Boys, you should wear your glasses more often

Dylan O'brien

smile | Male models at

I'm sorry. I'm usually not into gratuitous "guys without shirts" pictures, but this... I had to. -marja

Actor Tom Hardy while shooting the film "The Drop" THAT TOM, THAT PUP....

RJ King

Or two, whatever you've got in stock. (Channing Tatum, Adam Levine, Ryan Gosling, Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

Zac Efron.

Josh Hutcherson

Dog watercolor Golden Retrievers Art Print by digitalaquamarine

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