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    This is me tomorrow, I have studied but I'm sure I will be lost in the

    What I look like everyday.

    OMG I can't stop laughing!!

    This is my life.


    Getting dressed..this is me!

    This is how I feel when I highlight things...

    story of my life!! and man it sucks when it happens. and than some know it all person is like "I didn't study and i got an A." and in your head your like "someone kill me now"

    Not only is this about nursing school, it has BILL MURRAY in it. This screams Katie Strickland!!

    Cats Hoodie. I want to get a matching set for me and my sister for the next time we chillin' at the dumpster.

    The story of my college life

    so true

    The Ultimate Distraction... You know it's true.

    For those who have finals coming up...

    The "sad" truth!

    this is exactly what i do.

    This picture shows Leonardo turning in his finale exam, and obviously not feeling to confident in his answers. I feel this way in almost every class, on pretty much every test. Its sad that this sort of subject has been transformed into more of a comic than an issue. Students are failing classes for multiple reasons, typically in high school.

    She was one of the good ones!

    Need to get this as a button, so I can just point to it when, in the middle of conversations, I have an Alzheimer's moment.