Rose and Daffodil Bridal Bouquet


Bouquet. Very similar to what I want.

Bouquets with Daffodils

Isn't this bouquet with Daffodils just beautiful?

Rose Bouquet

Beautiful, simple, daffodil wedding cake! I love it!




Daffodils. (from

succulent bouquet with roses

Red wedding bouquet

White Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet I said I didn't like white flowers with a white dress, but this has caught my eye!

succulent bouquet

peach and yellow bouquet

Lisa's Peach Bouquet - peach roses, berries, creamy hydrangea and white ranuculus.

I really like how beautiful this boquet is. It might be slightly too big for me, and some of the flowers are not right (no moss green) but it's an example of something that i really like.

Bouquet, hair


Spring bouquet... Daffodils, hellebores, flowering trees... Photo by Dasha Caffrey