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PayPal "We Are About to Delete Your Account" Phishing Scam

'Huge Plane Crashes Into Bridge' Survey Scam - The message is a scam. There is no video. Those who click the link will be tricked into divulging their personal information via dodgy online surveys and spamming their friends with the same scam message. The image does not depict a real plane crash. It is an artwork created by digital artist Steve McGhee. The image was apparently taken from the artist's website by the scammers and reused in the scam campaign.

Fake ISP "Spam Mailout" Notifications Contain Locky Ransomware

Satire – 'Super Bowl XLVIII Believed to have been Rigged': The report is satirical and its claims are untrue. It was published by the satirical pseudonews website, Huzlers. The NFL is not investigating the 2014 Super Bowl game and the claim that the game was "rigged" is without substance.

MALWARE - Order Number 'Thank You For Using Our Services' Email: Email claims to be a notification about recent transaction and includes an order number, price, and payment method. It advises you to open an attached file for details about the purchase.

Car-Jacking Scheme Warning - Paper on Rear Window:

"Unable to Display Full Message" Spam Emails

How to Avoid Getting Ripped-Off Via Pre-Paid Debit Card Phone Scams