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Girl Gamzee<<< Wait, I thought it was either genderbent Kurloz or the Grand High Boob...oh well<<<<She has Gamzee's makeup, but GHB's horns...

[ мy wiиdσw iร σρєи ρєтєя ραи. cσмє тαkє мє αwαy. ] I miss gamzee :(( but others would argue that gamzee has finally shown his true colors and well.. I can't do or say anything to redeem him but one thing will never change: "Daym he a hottie"

I literally started whimpering when I saw Gamzee! This is so wrong! BURN IT WITH FIRE!!!>> BUUURRRN==> I can deal with everyone but not Gamzee , he's just wrong on so many levels>>oh deary me gAMZEE