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from AoBBlog

A scorched leaf policy? A mangrove tree uses oxidative stress against an insect pest

One major pest of mangrove forests in China is a leaf-mining insect which burrows into the upper layer of the leaf. Insect attack not only causes physical damage but also causes the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (highly reactive forms of oxygen that can damage enzymes and DNA) which can cause further damage to plant tissue. We might then expect that trees would increase their ability to neutralize reactive oxygen species when under insect attack. Mangrove leaves before (non-mined…

I want this as a gif, and I would loop a few bars of the chorus from The Boss's "I'm On Fire" to it. Because. ~ c. Ryan McGinley

Yan Zhao (left) watches as visiting scientist Wei Wu pretreats a tomato plant with salicylic acid to test its effectiveness against phytoplasma bacterial infections. (ARS photo)