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    • Brittney Davis

      Wrist Watch Post It Notes! Maybe then I wouldn't have to write on my hand or lose the sticky note.

    • Lorenzo Gonzalez

      Awesome idea, post it note wristwatches, have it around your wrist so you never forget!

    • Laura Fazzio

      I had this idea YEARS ago and now PostIt is getting all the glory just cause they have a way to manufacture it. -_- Stay organized and quit poisoning your body with ink when writing self reminders on your arms, wrists, and hands. Now you can write a reminder to yourself on these wrist watch post it notes that you wear on your wrist like a regular watch or bracelet.

    • Laura Strickland

      I need these! Post it Watches --would be great for the kids -- return library book, hand in homework, early pick up....

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    DIY color swatch poster. Would love this in shades of blue, green, and white. Not sure about the "me too" text...perhaps something more fun like "Je t'aime" (I love you in French) or "Follow Your Bliss".

    TEMPLATE FOR PRINTING ON POST-ITS. WHAT IS AIR. This will be great for advertising events. LIFE=CHANGED.

    post it (why has it never occurred to me to make my own bubbles?)

    Use a binder clip to clip your charger to your desk or end table!

    Paper sculpture- I would love to make something like this out of metal for the back yard sculpture garden

    band-aids... because I'm clumsy.