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22 DIY Spring Crafts for Kids to Make

Building a Compost Bin.

This compost bin's design is brilliant in it's simplicity and functionality! I keep struggling to build the "perfect" compost. I want it to look good AND be easy to use. This may just be it.

Vintage food poster

It’s National Canning Day!“ “Can All You Can Its a Real War Job!" Series: World War II Posters, 1942 - Record Group Records of the Office of Government Reports, 1932 - 1947 ” See what other.

The EarthTainerTM Project is intended to bring sustainable, organic gardening to both rural and urban gardeners worldwide with a 100% self-contained eco-system design that does not waste water.  The closed-loop watering system concentrates all of the water to the plant - and not to weed production nor run-off.  Water reduction of up to 75% can be achieved.  http://www.earthtainer.org/

Gary Ibsen and Ray Newstead with newly planted EarthTainer DIY >>>> Tomato growers can now grow tomatoes in any climate - INDOORS, with all of the taste of home garden summertime tomatoes.

Whether you pile it, bury it or feed the worms with it, composting is easy and critical to the food system. ....Happy International Compost Week!   #Compost

A graphic designer from Iowa has been recognized by the US Composting Council (USCC) as the International Compost Awareness Week poster contest winner!

liscie typografia ladnebebe

dutch graphic designer twan van keulen has conceived 'falling leaves', a series of digitally scanned scalpel cut typographic leaves. the letters are produced from different plant species, resulting in a wide spectrum of natural colors and compositions.

Trench Composting. simple and fast way!  ***This makes so much sense to me.  Right up there with feeding all your leftovers to your chickens the way my gradma did.  They were her "disposal".***

Skip the Bin: Trench Composting

Perfect solution to not needing or wanting a compost bin or pallet pile in the yard. Skip the Bin: Trench Composting