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Splash Of Art,Pretty Water Droplets

When a life comes into this world, God puts a drop of Himself in it... we call that drop a 'soul'... when that soul has learned all it has come here to learn, it releases its used physical vessel which then returns to Mother Earth to recycle... and all those 'drops' (souls) return to the Ocean we know as "GOD"... it's a beautiful thing... Blessings be... *~<3*Jo*<3~*


Color is used as a key element in this image. The water is colored gold to eccentuate it. #RUDesign

Paint Splash 2 License © All rights reserved by breic Speed photography is one type of photography which aims to capture an action without blurring the subject. It is defined as “the science of taking pictures of very fast phenomena”. There are two types of high speed photography, the first one is to capture an image to portray a freeze action and the second type is to capture continuous action to be able to get the right specimen of a subject(scene).