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A bride wears a long fur-lined gown with hanging sleeves over a tight-sleeved kirtle, with a veil. Her gown is trimmed with embroidery or (more likely) braid. A royal lady wears a blue mantle hanging from her shoulders; her hair is worn in two braids beneath her crown, Italy, 1350s.

Giovanna Tornabuoni and her attendants in Italian fashion of the 1480s. The tight slashed sleeves reveal the full chemise sleeves beneath. She wears a giornea over a kirtle or gamurra.

Augustus und die Sibylle von Tibur Dieses Bild: 004667 Einrichtung sakral ; Flügelaltar Dokumentation: 1495 ; 1505 ; Bamberg ; Deutschland ; Franken ; Staatsgalerie

« Le Livre des faiz monseigneur saint Loys », composé à la requête du « cardinal de Bourbon » et de la « duchesse de Bourbonnois ». Date d'édition : 1401-1500 Type : manuscrit Langue : Français Format : Vélin, miniatures, lettres ornées Droits : domaine public Identifiant : ark:/12148/btv1b6000784s

He is a brave soul who has risked his life numerous of times for his kingdom. The are scares on his face which tell stories of his past. He has braved many fights, has lost so much, yet he never falters. He is brave, and his bravery has cost him dearly, but he never looks back, always walking forward. Yet for all his bravery and courage he remains blind. He remains mistrusting, always seeing the enemy. He has forgotten to love, and only knows fear.

Unknown: Portrait of a Florentine Noblewoman, 1540's San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego --If I create a later persona, I'd love to make a dress like this!