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Light & Space: Installations by James Turrell

I wanted to make the billard room feel like it came out of a graphic novel, set in the cool 1950's. So by painting the ceiling with a cool blue light and then drawing this grid lighting across the table the billiard room feels like it's from an entirely different era.

Do it Yourself Stage Lighting

Different coloured gels over stage lights. When on they project that particular colour to change the mood and fell of the scene.

I love the user interaction with this project. It is abstract and unusual, exactly what I want to create for my project. It is a video from the creators project. A Field of 20,000 Glowing Lights | Bruce Munro at Cheekwood

L’artiste conceptuel chilien Iván Navarro utilise la lumière comme matériau de base, détournant des objets en sculptures électriques et transformant l’espace par des jeux d’optique. Son tra…