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from The Atlantic

New Health Rankings: Of 17 Nations, U.S. Is Dead Last

New Health Rankings: Of 17 Nations, U.S. Is Dead Last JAN 10 2013 Will seeing just how far we've fallen behind other countries, across almost all measures of health, finally motivate change?

The austerity fervor that’s seized Washington ever since the 2010 elections has lead to a sudden, steep drop in spending on building things. The collapse in infrastructure spending is illustrated in this chart from investment research firm BCA Research:

from TreeHugger

Solar power cheaper than natural gas, coal, and nuclear power in Texas!

The price of solar photovoltaic cells has dropped in the past quarter century. So in an increasing number of markets, solar is at or very close (or even cheaper) than grid power generated using fossil fuels. (ReNew Economy)

Given the facts represented in this infograph, wouldn't it seem "logical" to investigate possible harm due to the increased vaccine schedule? Health Impact News Editor Comments: Since Health Impact News started covering the vaccine issue two years ago, I am constantly amazed at how passionate people argue in favor of the benefits of vaccines while seldom, if ever, being able to articulate any evidence to back up their beliefs. Most simply quote from what they consider reputable sources of…