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Well, America wasn't a nation for a long time, and neither was Canada. So we can only assume that Sealand is going to become a nation someday.

How Canada sees America~ my favorite bond in this show ♥ and I guess in real life too~ I think Canada and America are like this with relations, borders and tolerance. We're like the annoying brother who adores the other and they're the quieter more civilized one who still finds love for his bro to the south ♥

Hetalia - Alfred F. Jones Diary Log "My citizens are the only ones that will love me." There are some that hate America and live here, but those of us that are faithful to our beloved country would be more than happy to kick some asses over the border. :3

Alfred. Must suck being the eternal teenager. Although, if he wanted to mature he probably could. I'll bet he's afraid of becoming what the other nations have.

....I know this doesn't pertain. But this is how I fell about my sister. @Terah harkness. I love you sis.