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Hemingray No 40 antique glass insulator

CD 128 Hemingray, Opalescent Antique Glass Insulator

insulator antique yellow uranium glass insulator

Beautiful Hemingray 45 Peacock Blue Glass Insulator Colored or Stained

how to identify your glass insulator

Ian Macky describes the origins, types, shapes and colors of collectible antique glass insulators.

Antique glass insulators.

Antique Red Amber Glass Insulator --- Hemingray - 9 CD # 106 !!

Hemingray - 60 "Mickey Mouse" antique glass insulator.

Royal Blue Carnival Glass H&H Electric Co Glass Insulator JUMBO INSULATOR!!!

insulators - BLUE!!

Crackled Glass (hemingrays) insulators.

The Hemingray Glass Company operated between 1848-1972 and was the largest manufacturer of glass insulators in the world. This web site is dedicated to providing information on every insulator style made by Hemingray. http://www.hemingray.info/

How to Make a Glass Insulator Light

glass insulators - Glow

Antique Amethyst Purple Glass Insulator --- Hemingray 9

Antique Glass Insulator

Glass Insulators

Antique glass insulators

Vintage glass insulator pendant lamp with brass shade