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I’m learning so much about the blogging community and how supportive bloggers are of each other. Truth be told, like most bloggers I want to be able to make this a living in the future. In the spirit of trying to enter the blogging community, I want to document my steps as I grow to be a better blogger. And I hope that I can help other bloggers in turn. And maybe you guys can help me too. #blog #blogger #newblogger #howtoblog #blogging

Create a Blog - Learn SEO BasicsSo now you’ve installed Wordpress or your blogging platform of choice, chosen a theme, written a few posts, and find that they are not showing up in Google searches.Why is that? SEO man. It's all about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization. Which basically means that you need to create your content keeping certain keywords and phrases in mind and then, sprinkling them throughout your posts.

New York City

So you’ve been to NYC a few times already, and you’ve done ALL the touristy stuff. You vomit at the site of Times Square and you’ve hung out in Central Park. What are the cool alternative things to do in NYC? Because you just can’t take paying $25 for a bowl of pasta at the Times Square Olive Garden ANYMORE! #nyc #travel #traveltips #thingstodo

Reeses Smores and more... Great camping recipe ideas! I shouldn't know about the Reeses one, lol...dangerous!

10 tips for packing baby’s beach bag