Pumpkin cookie paint, ping pong balls and COOKIES!

21 Pumpkin Carving Ideas Would love to do a cookie monster pumpkin for my little daughter for Halloween this year

Purple Grape Candy Apples

How to Make Candy Apples Any Color

RECIPE: How to Make Purple (grape) Candy Apples. Hey, they are PURPLE and GREEN! I might slice the apples before dipping for a more manageable treat.


The Sweetest Baby Print Ornaments

Wicked Witch Cupcake - To make the evil witch's legs, roll orange fondant into two ropes. Mold small pieces of black fondant into shoes and press onto the legs. Place the legs on a plate and use black decorating gel to draw striped tights.

20 Fun and Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

20 Fun and Spooky Halloween Food Ideas

20 Fun and Spooky Halloween Food Ideas - Halloween is such a fun time to get creative with food and treats!

Dead Man's Finger Sandwiches | Peanut butter and strawberry jelly with almonds

Dead Man's Finger Sandwiches

Dead Man’s Finger Food Sandwiches! Perfect for Halloween treats! You will need: Thin sliced white bread, crusts removed Soft margarine Cream cheese or peanut butter Almonds Strawberry Jam Gently flatten .

spider web treat halloween pretzels and chocolate - make sure you make these with the small pretzel sticks!  Can't wait to do this :-)  this will be a fun thing to pack the kids into school lunches on halloween! And at my Halloween Party!

delia creates: Fast Easy Halloween Spider Web Treat --i've made this for a Halloween party, and they were super fun and yummy too!

The Larson Lingo: Zombie Eyeballs

Zombie Eyeballs - Waffle Pretzels - Lime Green Candy Melts - M & M's - Red Sprinkles - Black icing Lay out your pretzels on a cookie sheet, place a candy melts on each. bake then sprinkle and place one m&m with a dot of icing.

Witches' Hat Cookies from cookies and kisses

Quick and Easy Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats - For all the reluctant bakers out there, have no fear: Witches’ Hats require only three ingredients and no baking! Fudge-striped shortbread cookies are simply topped with a chocolate kiss and finished with a frosting bow.