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I almost started to cry.. I had the same one! Look how simple life was.. (Now I got expense reports to do damn it!)

Barettes! i used to chew on the ends of these and then when we put them in my hair it would hurt against my scalp because I had chewed on them!

Bayer Baby Aspirin-they were so good I wanted to eat the whole bottle. I would sneak them once in awhile :/

Original Lincoln Logs with 115 Wooden Pieces For the boys

Tupperware tumblers from the 80's. Used them with sippy lids when my kids were small.

Fisher Price Retro Toys - they have camera, record player, etx.

Fisher-Price Record Player: Authentic Reproduction Plays Classic Children's Melodies Just Like the Original

This was our "stereo" in the 70s. My sister & I sold Christmas trees for one season, earned 75 bucks and bought this along with an "entertainment" center to hold it. We played our 45s and LP's on it, and could listen to the radio. We thought we were all that. : )

Fisher Price Little People, the old school choking hazard kind

Library Card. When I was a child, I lived for going to the library & checking out mountains of books.