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Pretty in Pink ~ Molly Ringwald made girls growing up in the '80's with red hair cool! (And Cyndi Lauper, of course!!!)

The Karate Kid (1984) - John G. Avildsen. Karate Kid - Per vincere domani. (USA).

This is before Jaden Smith's remake: Miyagi meets the widow of his wartime commander (Constance Towers) who confides to him that her granddaughter is a troubled teen (Hilary Swank). Can he convert her from white trash into a million dollar baby? (For that, she's gonna need a bigger sensei - Clint.)

I was a HUGE Ralph Macchio fan..from when he was in the Outsiders and Eight is Enough..

Daniel and Mr. Miyagi (AUTO CORRECT, STOP IT) are the best sort of friends when it comes to learning. Why? Mr. Miyagi was never able to teach anyone Karate (Because his son had died), until Daniel got himself into a mess. Luckily, before Daniel could mess up even more (Sorry, but its the truth XD) Mr. Miyagi taught him the ways of karate. *The Karate Kid- 1984*

The Karate Kid: Work causes a single mother to move to China with her young son; in his new home, the boy embraces kung fu, taught to him by a master.

yeah so out of the many 80s movies I HAVE seen...this is not one of them...well and apparently I have to change that...'cause apparently it's just really good.

Lisa many times did we watch this? "I mean, I've had men who have loved me before...."

My Love/Hate Relationship with the Media. I realize the effects the media can have on young minds because I know how much my mind was influenced growing up the in the ‘70s and ‘80s. I remember every episode of The Cosby Show (and reruns of The Brady Bunch), and often times I related more to that family than my own.

John Hughes movies - Pretty much flawless :) ...So I love John Hughes movies along with tons of other 80's films. And while I did see them when I was younger, I didn't really start to appreciate them until I was older...around jr. high or so. This goes pretty much for any teenaged, angsty, or more mature themed films in the 80's.