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Mortuarium Schoonselhof, Antwerp, Belgium. “This morgue was abandoned some years ago; they left all tools and chemicals in its place. We found autopsy instruments untouched for years (we hope). There were some needles and sewing materials, a strainer scooper and electric bone saws. A chalkboard for recording examination data."

Morgue at Cambridge Military Hospital, UK. This morgue is incredibly decayed and seems to be returning to nature, with leaves covering the autopsy table and floor. Yet there is also something of the absurd here, with a telephone left on the table as if waiting for someone to answer it.

Why I am attracted to these places? There must be a psychological diagnosis for those who love the haunted....

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Family life frozen in time: Eerie images of the abandoned farm houses where even the beds are still made

Creepy: The occupants of this abandoned farmhouse are long gone, but their belongings remain; from the paintings hanging on the walls to the...

*Morbid Abandonments: 14 Deserted Morgues & Mortuaries -

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Pictured: Inside the haunted cottage with tragic past

Inhospitable: Until just four years ago the Old Crow Cottage was a home to people but it has now been left to rot.

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The Creepy World of Abandoned Asylums

The Creepy World of Abandoned Asylums | The Poveglia Island Asylum or the Island of Madness, Venice, Italy (between 1922 and 1968)

Harold Wood Hospital Morgue, Essex, UK In this unsettling image of a morgue it looks as if the medical examiners just walked out after cutting somebody open. The stains on the floor might be a mixture of organ juices, formaldehyde and other chemicals, and the water that was used to wash the body down.

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25 Bone-Chilling Photos of Abandoned Places

Eastern State Penitentiary, Haunted Cell Block Three

The vast underground network of tunnels beneath Greystone Psychiatric Hospital in New Jersey.

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Inside the lost island of New York: Eerie pictures of the abandoned leper colony just 350 yards from the Bronx